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Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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' Sire,' she answered, ' having heard of your victories I thought that green would signify my joy and the hope of your speedy return.'
' That is a very good answer,' said the King; ' and you, my daughter,' he continued, ' why did you take a blue dress ? '
' Sire,' said the Princess, ' to show that we constantly hoped for your success, and that the sight of you is as welcome to me as the sky with its most beautiful stars.'
'Why,' said the King, 'your wise answers astonish me; and you, Miranda. What made you dress yourself all in white ? '
' Because, sire,' she answered, ' white suits me better than any­thing else.'
' What!' said the King angrily, ' was that all you thought of, vain child ?'
' I thought you would be pleased with me,' said the Princess; ' that was all.'
The King, who loved her, was satisfied with this, and even pretended to be pleased that she had not told him all her reasons at first.
' And now,' said he, ' as I have supped well, and it is not time yet to go to bed, tell me what you dreamed last night.'
The eldest said she had dreamed that he brought her a dress, and the precious stones and gold embroidery on it were brighter than the sun.
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