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Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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' Approach, lovely Princess,' he cried; ' have no fear of such gentle and peaceable animals as we are.'
' What a marvel! ' cried the Princess, starting back a little. ' Here is a sheep who can talk.'
' Your monkey and your dog could talk, madam,' said he; ' are you more astonished at us than at them ? '
' A fairy gave them the power to speak,' replied Miranda. ' So I was used to them.'
' Perhaps the same thing has happened to us,' he said, smiling sheepishly. ' But, Princess, what can have led you here ? '
' A thousand misfortunes, Sir Sheep,' she answered. ' I am the unhappiest princess in the world, and I am seeking a shelter against my father's anger.'
' Come with me, madam,' said the Sheep; ' I offer you a hiding-place which you only will know of, and where you will be mistress of everything you see.'
' I really cannot follow you,' said Miranda, ' for I am too tired to walk another step.'
The Sheep with the golden horns ordered that his chariot should
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