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Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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262                    SNOW-WHITE AXD ROSE-RED
knocker and Snow-white thought she caught sight of glittering gold beneath it, but she couldn't be certain of it; and the bear ran hastily away, and soon disappeared behind the trees.
A short time after this the mother sent the children into the wood to collect fagots. They' came in their wanderings upon a bjg tree which lay-felled on the ground, and on the trunk among the long grass they noticed something jumming up and down, but what it was they couldn't distinguish. When they approached nearer they perceivved a dwarf with a wizened face and a beard a 'yard
long The end of..the beard was jammed into'a cleft of the tree, and me littlee man sprang about like a dog,on a chain, and didn't seem
to know what he was to do. He glared at the girls with his riery red eyes', and screamed out: ' "What are you standing there for ? can't yop come and help me What were' you doing, little man?' asked Rose-red. 'You stupid, inquisitive goose ! ' replied the dwarf; ' I wanted to split the tree, in order to get little chips of wood for our kitchen fire ; those thick logs that serve to make tires for coarse-, greedy people like yourselves quite burn up all the little loud we
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