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white and Eose-red, don't be afraid; wait, and I'll come with you.' Then they recognised his voice and stood still, and when the bear was quite close to them his skin suddenly fell off, and a beautiful man stood beside them, all'dressed in gold. ' I am a king's son,' he said, ' and have been doomed by that unholy little dwarf, who had stolen my treasure, to roam about the woods as a wild bear till his
death should set me free. Now he has got his well-merited punish­ment.'
Snow-white married him, and Eose-red his brother, and they divided the great treasure the dwarf had collected in nis cave be­tween them. The old mother lived for many years peacefully with her children ; and she carried the two rose trees with her, and they stood in front of her window, and every year they bore the finest red and white roses.1
1 Griimn.
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