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' What is it I see there ? ' said her mother, quite astonished. ' I think I see pearls and diamonds come out of the girl's mouth ! How happens this, child ? '
This was the first time she ever called her child.
The poor creature told her frankly all the matter, not without dropping out infinite numbers of diamonds.
' In good faith,' cried the mother, ' I must send my child thither. Come hither, Fanny; look what comes out of thy sister's mouth
when she speaks. "Wouldst not thou be glad, my dear, to have the same gift given to thee ? Thou hast nothing else to do but go and draw water out of the fountain, and when a certain poor woman asks you to let her drink, to give it her very civilly.'
' It would be a very fine sight indeed,' said this ill-bred minx, ' to see me go draw water.'
4 You shall go, hussey !' said the mother ; ' and this minute.'
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