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Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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So away she went, but grumbling all the way, taking with her the best silver tankard in the house.
She was no sooner at the fountain than she saw coming out of the wood a lady most gloriously dressed, who came up to her, and asked to drink. This was, you must know, the very fairy who appeared to her sister, but had now taken the air and dress of a princess, to see how far this girl's rudeness would go.
'Am I come hither,' said the proud, saucy slut, 'to serve you with water, pray ? I suppose the silver tankard was brought
purely for your ladyship, was it ? However, you may drink out of it, if you have a fancy.'
* You are not over and above mannerly,' answered the Fairy, without putting herself in a passion. ' Well, then, since you have so little breeding, and are so disobliging, I give you for gift that at every word you speak there shall come out of your mouth a snake or a toad.'
So soon as her mother saw her coming she cried out:
'Well, daughter?'
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