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wares ! ' she set down her pails, and examined one thing after the other. Then she said : ' The Princess must see this, she has such a fancy for gold things that she will buy up all you have got.' She took him by the hand and let him into the palace, for she was the lady's-maid.
When the Princess had seen the wares she was quite enchanted, and said : ' They are all so beautifully made that I shall buy every≠thing you have.' But Trusty John said : ' I am only the servant of a rich merchant, what I have here is nothing compared to what my master has on his ship; his merchandise is more artistic and costly than anything that has ever been made in gold before.' She desired to have everything brought up to her, but he said: ' There is such a quantity of things that it would take many days to bring them up, and they would take up so many rooms that you would have no space for them in your house.' Thus her desire and curiosity were excited to such an extent that at last she said:' Take me to your ship; I shall go there myself and view your master's treasures.'
Then Trusty John was quite delighted, and brought her to the ship; and the King, when he beheld her, saw that she was even more beautiful than her picture, and thought every moment that his heart would burst. She stepped on to the ship, and the King led her inside. But Trusty John remained behind with the steersman, and ordered the ship to push off. ' Spread all sail, that we may fly on the ocean like a bird in the air.' Meanwhile the King showed the Princess inside all his gold wares, every single bit of itódishes, goblets, bowls, the birds and game, and all the wonder≠ful beasts. Many hours passed thus, and she was so happy that she did not notice that the ship was sailing away. After she hcd seen
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