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AND THE FAIRY PARIBANOU                  349
in this town as will never be forgot, but died suddenly himself, before he could apply his sovereign remedy, and left his wife and a great many young children behind him, in very indifferent circum­stances, who, to support her family and provide for her children, is resolved to sell it.'
"While the crier informed Prince Ahmed of the virtues of the artificial apple, a great many persons came about them and con­firmed what he said; and one among the rest said he had a friend
dangerously ill, whose life was despaired of: and that was a favour­able opportunity to show Prince Ahmed the experiment. Upon which Prince Ahmed told the crier he would give him forty purses if he cured the sick person.
The crier, who had orders to sell it at that price, said to Prince Ahmed: ' Come, sir, let us go and make the experiment, and the apple shall be yours ; and I can assure you that it will alwaj's have the desired effect.' In short, the experiment succeeded, and the Prince, after he had counted out to the crier forty purses, and he had
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