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370               THE STORY OF PRINCE AHMED
you to my wedding was I was unwilling to divert you from an expedition you were engaged in, and from which I heard with pleasure you returned victorious, and so took the liberty now to call for you.'
At these words Schaibar, looking on Prince Ahmed favourably, said: ' Is there anything, sister, wherein I can serve him ? It is enough for me that he is your husband to engage me to. do for him
whatever he desires.' ■ The Sultan his father,' replied Paribanou, ' has a curiosity to see you, and I desire he may be your guide to the Sultan's Court.' ' He needs but lead me the way, I'll follow him.' ' Brother,' replied Paribanou, ' it is too late to go to-day, therefore stay till to-morrow morning; and in the meantime I'll inform you of all that has passed between the Sultan of the Indies and Prince Ahmed since our marriage.'
The next morning, after Schaibar had been informed of the
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