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ambassadors hospitably, and sent his blessing to his daughter, but he could not be brought to attend the wedding.
When the wonder-ship got home King Archidej and Princess Helena were enchanted with the news it brought.
The king sent for the seven Simons. 'A thousand thanks to you, my brave fellows,' he cried. 'Take what gold, silver, and precious stones you will out of my treasury. Tell me if there is anything else you wish for and I will give it you, my good friends. Do you wish to be made nobles, or to govern towns? Only speak.'
Then the eldest Simon bowed and said: 'We are plain folk, your Majesty, and understand simple things best. What figures should we cut as nobles or governors? Nor do we desire gold. We have our fields which give us food, and as much money as we need. If you wish to reward us then grant that our land may be free of taxes, and of your goodness pardon the seventh Simon. He is not the first who has been a thief by trade and he will certainly not be the last.'
'So be it,' said the king; 'your land shall be free of all taxes, and Simon the seventh is pardoned.'
Then the king gave each brother a goblet of wine and invited them to the wedding feast. And what a feast that was!
[From Ungarischen Mahrchen.]
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