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At sunrise the old man returned and asked after the sick man.
'He is as well as ever,' answered the king's son.
'And where is your baby?'
'In the cradle yonder, and I think she is dead,' replied the father sadly.
'Look at her once more,' said the holy man, and as they drew near the cradle there lay the baby smiling up at them.
'I am St. James of Lizia,,' said the old man, 'and I have come to help you, for I have seen that you are a true friend. From henceforward live happily, all of you, together, and if troubles should draw near you send for me, and I will aid you to get through them.'
With these words he lifted his hand in blessing and vanished.
And they obeyed him, and were happy and content, and tried to make the people of the land happy and contented too.
[From Sicilianische Mahrehen Gonzenbach.]
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