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very little children; others for older ones. The longest tales, like "Heart of Ice," were not invented when the others were, but were written in French, by clever men and women, such as Madame d'Aulnoy and the Count de Caylus, about two hundred years ago. There are not many people now, perhaps there are none, who can write really good fairy tales, because they do not believe enough in their own stories, and because they want to be wittier than it has pleased Heaven to make them.
So here we give you the last of the old stories for the present, and hope you will like them and feel grateful to the Brothers Grimm, who took them down from the tell­ing of old women, and to M. Sebillot and M. Charles Marelles, who have lent us some tales from their own French people, and to Mr. Ford, who drew the pictures, and to the ladies, Miss Blaekley, Miss Alma Alleyne, Miss Eleanor Sellar, Miss May Sellar, Miss Wright, and Mrs. Lang, who translated many of the tales out of French, German, and other languages.
If we have a book for you next year it shall not be a fairy book. What it is to be is a secret, but we hope that it will not be dull. So good-by, and when you have read a fairy book, lend it to other children who have none, or tell them the stories in your own way, which is a very pleasant mode of passing the time.
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