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g                         THE QUEEN FAIRY BOOK.
and unnatural. He would not leave her until she had promised to see him again the next night, which Turritella did willingly enough. The queen was overjoyed at the success of her stratagem, and promised herself that all would now be as she wished; and sure enough, as soon as it was dark the following night the king came, bringing with him a chariot which had been given him by an enchanter who was his friend. This chariot was drawn by flying frogs, and the king easily persuaded Turritella to come out and let him put her into it. Then mounting beside her he cried triumphantly:
"Now, my princess, you are free. Where will it please you that we shall hold our wedding?'*
And Turritella, with her head muffled in her mantle, answered that the fairy Mazilla was her godmother and that she would like it to be at her castle. So the king told the frogs, who had the map of the whole world in their heads, and very soon he and Turritella were set down at the castle of the fairy Mazilla. The king would certainly have found out his mistake the moment they stepped into the brilliantly lighted castle, but Turritella held her mantle more closely round her, and asked to see the fairy by herself, and quickly told her all that had hap­pened, and how she had succeeded in deceiving King Charming.
"Oho! my daughter," said the fairy, "I see we have no easy task before us. He loves Fiordelisa so much that he will not be easily pacified. I feel sure he will defy us!"
Meanwhile the king was waiting in a splendid room with diamond walls, so clear that he could see the fairy and Turritella as they stood whispering together, and he was very much puzzled.
"Who can have betrayed us?" he said to himself. "How comes our enemy here? She must be plotting to prevent our marriage. Why doesn't my lovely Fiordelisa make haste and come back to me?"
But it was worse than anything he had imagined when the fairy Mazilla entered, leading Turritella by the hand, and said to him:
"King Charming, here is the Princess Turritella, to whom you have plighted your faith. Let us have the wedding at once,"
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