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Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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16                       THE GREEN FAIRY BOOK..
The days were so long and the nights so dull, but for a whole month she never went near her little window lest he should fly to her as he used to do.
However, at last the spy, who had never taken her eyes off the princess day or night, was so overcome with weari­ness that she fell into a deep sleep, and as soon as the princess saw that she flew to open her window and cried
" Blue bird, blue as the sky, Fly to me now—there's nobody by!"
And the blue bird, who had never ceased to flutter round within sight and hearing of her prison, came in an instant. They had so much to say and were so overjoyed to meet once more that it scarcely seemed to them five minutes before the sun rose, and the blue bird had to fly away.
But the next night the spy slept as soundly as before, so that the blue bird came, and he and the princess began to think they were perfectly safe and to make all sorts of plans for being happy as they were before the queen's visit. But, alas! the third night the spy was not quite so sleepy, and when the princess opened her window and cried as usual,
"Blue bird, blue as the sky, Fly to me now—there's nobody nigh''
she was wide awake in a moment, though she was sly enough to keep her eyes shut at first. But presently she beard voices, and peeping cautiously, she saw by the moonlight the most lovely blue bird in the world, who was talking to the princess, while she stroked and caressed it fondly.
The spy did not lose a single word of the conversation, and as soon as the day dawned and the blue bird had reluctantly said good-by to the princess, she rushed off to the queen and told her all she had seen and heard.
Then the queen sent for Turritella and they talked it over, and very soon came to the conclusion that this blue bird was no other than King Charming himself.
"Ah! that insolent princess!" cried the queen. "To think that when we supposed her to be so miserable she was all the while as happy as possible with that false king. But I know how we can avenge ourselves!"
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