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young, and beautiful, and said with a smile to the aston­ished Fiordelisa:
"Lovely queen, the king whom you seek is no longer a bird. My sister Mazilla has given his own form back to him and he is in his own kingdom. Do not be afraid— you will reach him and will prosper. Take these four eggs; if you break one when you are in any great difficulty you will find aid."
So saying she disappeared, and Fiordelisa, feeling much encouraged, put the eggs into her bag and turned her
steps toward Charming's kingdom. After walking on and on for eight days and eight nights she came at last to a tremendously high hill of polished ivory, so steep that it was impossible to get a foot-hold upon it. Fiordelisa tried a thousand times and scrambled and slipped, but always in the end found herself exactly where she started from. At last she sat down at the foot of it in despair, and then suddenly bethought herself of the eggs. Break­ing one quickly, she found in it some little gold hooks, and with these fastened to her feet and hands she
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