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Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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32                       THE GREEN FAIRY BOOK.
"Oh, wind!" at last he gasped out, "if you hurry me along like this you will kill me. Do let me rest a moment, or-----"
But he was so breathless that he could not finish his sentence.
"Ah! Medio Pollito," replied the wind, "when I was caught in the branches of the chestnut-tree you would not help me. Now you are punished." And he swirled Medio Pollito over the roofs of the houses till they reached the highest church in the town, and there he left him fastened to the top of the steeple.
And there stands Medio Pollito to this day. And if you go to Madrid and walk through the streets till you come to the highest church, you will see Medio Pollito perched on his one leg on the steeple, with his one wing drooping at his side and gazing sadly out of his one eye over the town.*
* Spanish tradition.
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