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THE STORY OF CALIPH STORK.                 33
Caliph Chasid, of Bagdad, was resting comfortably on his divan one fine afternoon. He was smoking a long pipe, and from time to time he sipped a little coffee which a slave handed to him, and after each sip he stroked his long beard with an air of enjoyment. In short, any one could see that the caliph was in an excellent humor. This was, in fact, the best time of day in which to approach him, for just now he was pretty sure to be both affable and in good spirits, and for this reason the Grand Vizier Mansor always chose this hour in which to pay his daily visit.
He arrived as usual this afternoon, but, contrary to his usual custom, with an anxious face. The caliph with­drew his pipe for a moment from his lips and asked: "Why do you look so anxious, grand vizier?"
The grand vizier crossed his arms on his breast and bent low before his master as he answered:
"Oh, my lord! whether my countenance be anxious or not I know not, but down below, in the court of the palace, is a peddler with such beautiful things that I can­not help feeling annoyed at having so little money to spare.-"
The caliph, who had wished for some time past to give his grand vizier a present, ordered his black slave to bring the peddler before him at once. The slave soon returned, followed by the peddler, a short stout man with a swarthy face and dressed in very ragged clothes. He carried a box containing all manner of wares—strings of pearls, rings, richly mounted pistols, goblets, and combs. The caliph and his vizier inspected everything, and the caliph chose some handsome pistols for himself and Mansor and
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