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THE STORY OF CALIPH STORK.                  43
As soon as the storks heard this they were nearly beside themselves with joy. They ran at such a pace to the door of the ruined castle that the owl could scarcely keep up with them. When they reached it the caliph turned to the owl and said with much feeling: "Deliverer of my friend and myself, as a proof of ray eternal gratitude
accept me as your husband." Then he turned toward the east. Three times the storks bowed their long necks to the sun, which was just rising over the mountains. "Mutabor!" they both cried, and in an instant they were once more transformed. In the rapture of their newly given lives master and servant fell laughing and weeping into each other's arms. Who shall describe their surprise when they at last turned round and beheld standing before them a beautiful lady exquisitely dressed!
With a smile she held out her hand to the caliph and asked: "Do you not recognize your screech-owl?"
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