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Once upon a time there lived a rich man who had three sons. When they grew up he sent the eldest to travel and see the world, and three years passed before his family saw him again. Then he returned, magnifi­cently dressed, and his father was so delighted with his behavior that he gave a great feast in his honor, to which all the relations and friends were invited.
When the rejoicings were ended the second son begged leave of his father to go iu his turn to travel and mix with the world. The father was enchanted at the request and gave him plenty of money for his expenses, saying: "If you behave as well as your brother, I will do honor to you as I did to him." The young man promised to do his best, and his conduct during three years was all that it should be. Then he went home, and his father was so pleased with him that his feast of welcome was even more splendid than the one before.
The third brother, whose name was Jenik, or Johnnie, was considered the most foolish of the three. He never did anything at home except sit over the stove and dirty himself with the ashes; but he also begged his father's leave to travel for three years. "Go if you like, you idiot; but what good will it do you?"
The youth paid no heed to his father's observations as long as he obtained permission to go. The father saw him depart with joy, glad to get rid of him, and gave him a handsome sum of money for his needs.
Once, as he was making one of his journeys, Jenik chanced to cross a meadow where some shepherds were just about to kill a dog. He entreated them to spare it and to give it to him instead, which they willingly did, and he went on his way, followed by the dog. A little further on he came upon a cat which some one was going
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