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where his son had got all this wealth. Jenik did not reply, but begged him to invite all their relations and friends to a grand banquet.
So the father invited all the world, and every one was amazed to see such splendid things, so much plate, and so many tine dishes on the table. After the first course Jenik prayed his father to invite the king and his daughter the princess. He rubbed his watch and wished for a car­riage ornamented with gold and silver, and drawn by six horses with harness glittering with precious stones. The
father did not dare to sit in this gorgeous coach, but went to the palace on foot.. The king and his daughter were immensely surprised with the beauty of the carriage, and mounted the steps at once to go to Jenik'p banquet. Then Jenik rubbed his watch afresh and wished that for six miles the way to the house should be paved with marble. Who ever felt so astonished as the king? Never had he traveled over such a gorgeous road.
When Jenik heard the wheels of the carriage, he rubbed his watch and wished for a still more beautiful house, four stories high, and hung with gold, silver, and damask j
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