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there, he will hide himself near the door, and yon must steal secretly in and try to get hold of my watch."
No sooner said than done. The two animals crossed the sea; the dog hid near the house and the cat stole into the chamber. The princess recognized him and guessed why he had come, and she took the watch down to the cellar and locked it in a box. But the cat wriggled its way into the cellar, and the moment the princess turned her back he scratched and scratched till he had made a hole in the box. Then he took the watch between his teeth and waited quietly till the princess came back. ' Scarcely had she opened the door when the cat was outside and the watch into the bargain.
The cat was no sooner beyond the gates than she said to the dog:
"We are going to cross the sea. Be very careful not to speak to me."
The dog laid this to heart and said nothing, but when they approached the shore he could not help asking: "Have you got the watch?"
The cat did not answer—he was afraid that he might let the talisman fall. When they touched the shore the dog repeated his question.
"Yes," said the cat.
And the watch fell into the sea. Then our two friends began each to accuse the other, and both looked sorrow­fully at the place Avhere their treasure had fallen in. Suddenly a fish appeared near the edge of the sea. The cat seized it and thought it would make them a good supper.
"I have nine little children," cried the fish. "Spare the father of a family!"
"Granted," replied the cat; "but on condition that you find our watch."
The fish executed his commission and they brought the treasure back to their master. Jenik rubbed the watch and wished that the palace, with the princess and all its inhabitants, should be swallowed up in the sea. No sooner said than done. Jenik returned to his parents, and he and his watch, his cat and his dog, lived together happily to the end of their days.*
* Penlia,
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