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FAIRY GIFTS.                                 65
"You sent me, madam," answered Sylvia, "to the court of Iris, on whom you had bestowed the gift of beauty. She never tells any one, however, that it was your gift, though she often speaks of your kindness in general. It seemed to me that her loveliness, which fairly dazzled me at first, had absolutely deprived her of the use of any of her other gifts or graces. In allowing herself to be seen, she appeared to think that she was doing all that could possibly be required of her. But, unfortunately, while I
was still with her she became seriously ill, and though she presently recovered, her beauty is entirely gone, so that she hates the very sight of herself and is in despair. She entreated me to tell you what had happened and to beg you in pity to give her beauty back to her. And indeed she does need it terribly, for all the things in her that were tolerable and even agreeable when she was so pretty seem quite different now she is ugly, and it is so long since she thought of using her mind or her natural cleverness that
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