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"Those are for your lackeys," said he to the king, "that they mav drink my health."
Naturally a great scramble ensued, and at last the laughter and shouting awoke the queen, who rang for her maids to ask the reason of such an unwonted hurly-burly. When they said that a visitor was asking for her and then proceeded"each one to tell breathlessly a different tale of wonder, in which she could only distinguish the words "oxen," "gold," "club," "giant," "lion," she thought they were all out of their minds. Meanwhile the king was asking the enchanter to what he was indebted for the honor of this visit, and on his replying that he would not say until the queen was also present, messenger after messenger was dispatched to her to beg her immediate attendance. But Frivola was in a very bad humor at having been so unceremoniously awakened, and declared that she had a pain in her little finger and that nothing should induce her to come.
When the enchanter heard this he insisted that she must come.
"Take my club to her majesty," said he, "and tell her that if she smells the end of it she will find it wonderfully reviving."
So four of the king's strongest men-at-arms staggered off'with it, and after some persuasion the queen consented to try this novel remedy. She had hardly smelled it for an instant when she declared herself to be perfectly restored; but whether that was due to the scent of the wood or to the fact that as soon as she touched it out fell a perfect shower of magnificent jewels, I leave you to decide. At any rate, she was now all eagerness to see the mysterious stranger, and hastily throwing on her royal mantle, popped her second-best diamond crown over her night-cap, put a liberal dab of rouge upon each cheek, and holding up her largest fan before her nose—for she was not used to appearing in broad daylight—she went mincing into the great hall. The enchanter waited until the king and queen had seated themselves upon their throne, and then,
My place between them, he began solemnly: My name is Grnmedan. I am an extremely well-connected enchanter. My power is immense. In spite of all this, the charms of your daughter Potentilla have so lascinated me that I cannot live without her. She fancies
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