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Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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visit from an old friend of hers called Saradine, who rushed into her house so breathless with rage that she could hardly speak.
"Dear! clear! what is the matter?" said the fairy of the beech woods soothingly.
"The matter!" cried Saradine. "You shall soon hear all about it. You know that, not content with endowing Celandine, Princess of the Summer Islands, with every-
thing she could desire to make her charming, I actually took the trouble to bring her up myself; and now what does she do but come to me with more coaxings and caresses than usual to beg a favor. And what do you suppose this favor turns out to be—when I have been cajoled into promising to grant it? Nothing more nor less than a request that I will take back all my gifts—'since,' says my young madam, 'if I have the good fortune to please you, how am I to know that it is really I myself?
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