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had provided him with a palace in the neighboring town, where he lived in the greatest luxury and did nothing but amuse himself from morning to night. So Celandine stayed and helped the queen to keep house, and very soon they loved her dearly. When the fairy of the beech woods came to them they presented the princess to her and told her story, little thinking that the fairy knew more about Celandine than they did. The old fairy was equally delighted with her, and often invited her to visit her Leafy Palace, which was the most enchanting place that
could be imagined and full of treasures. Often she would say to the princess when showing her some wonder­ful thing: "This will do for a wedding-gift some day " And Celandine could not help thinking that it was to her that the fairy meant to give the two blue wax torches which burned without ever getting smaller, or the diamond from which more diamonds were continually growing, or the boat that sailed under water, or whatever beautiful or wonderful thing they might happen to be looking at. It is true that she never said so positively, but
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