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word, if I could be sure of finding some one every day whose head was as soft as his heart, I wouldn't wish for a more agreeable life myself! But I have worked hard to build my house and secure a morsel to eat, and I sup­pose you think that I am to give away everything to the first passer-by who chooses to ask for it. Not at all! I wager that a fine lady like you has more money than I have. I must search her and see if it is not so," she added, hobbling toward Celandine with the aid of her stick.
"Alas! madam," replied the princess, "I only wish I had. I would give it to you with all the pleasure in life.
"But you are very smartly dressed for the kind of life you lead," continued the old woman.
"What!" cried the princess, "do you think I am come to beg of you?"
"I don't know about that," answered she; but at any rate you don't seem to have come to bring me anything.
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