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it! It will make me four dresses at least. Why, child, I wonder you could walk under such a weight, and cer­tainly in my house you would not have had room to turn round."
So saying, she folded up the robe and put it by with great care, while she remarked to Celandine:
"That dress of mine certainly suits you to a marvel. Be sure you take great care of it."                           ^
When supper-time came she went into the house,
declining all the princess' offers of assistance, and shortly afterward brought out a very small dish, saying:
"Now let us sup."
Whereupon she handed Celandine a small piece of black bread and uncovered the dish, which contained two dried plums.                                                               .                     .,
"We will have one between us," continued the old dame, "and as you are the visitor you shall have the half which contains the stone; but be very careful that you don't swallow it, for I keep them against the winter, and you have no idea what a good fire they make. Now, you
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