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when he found that no one resembled the portrait; the princess wondering how it was he could have been so long Avith her and yet never have recognized her, and over and over again pardoning him for his cold and haughty be­havior to her.
"For," she said, "you see, Featherhead, I love you, and love makes everything right! But we cannot stay here," she added. ""What are we to do?"
The prince thought they had better find their way to
'the fairy of the beech woods and put themselves once more under her protection, and they had hardly agreed upon this course when two little chariots wreathed with jasmine and honeysuckle suddenly appeared, and stepping into them they were whirled way to the Leafy Palace. Just before they lost sight of the little house they heard loud cries and lamentations from the miserly old dame, and looking round perceived that the beautiful cow was vanish­ing in spite of her frantic efforts to hold it fast. And they afterward heard that she spent the rest of her life in try­ing to put the handful of gold the princ? hatf thrown to
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