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he simply wrote "Manikin," the ambassadors broke into shouts of laughter.                                   ,
"Miserable wretches!" cried the prince, but for the presence of that lovely portrait I would cut off your
But he suddenly remembered that, after all, it was a funny name, and that he had not yet had time to make it famous; so he was calm, and inquired the way to the Princess Sabella's country.
Though his heart did not fail him in the least, still he felt there were many difficulties before him, and he resolved to set out at once, without even taking leave of the fairy, for fear she might try to stop him. Everybody in the town who knew him made great fun of the idea of Mani­kin's undertaking such an expedition, and it even came to the ears of the foolish king and queen, who laughed over it more than any of the others, without having an idea that the presumptuous Manikin was their only son!
Meantime the prince was traveling on, though the directions he had received for his journey were none of the clearest.
"Four hundred leagues north of Mount Caucasus you will receive your orders and instructions for the conquest of the Ice Mountain."
Fine marching orders, those, for a man starting from a country near where Japan is nowadays!
However, he fared eastward, avoiding all towns, lest the people should laugh at his name, for, you see, he was not a very experienced traveler and had not yet learned to enjoy a joke even if it were against himself." At night he slept in the woods and at first he lived upon wild fruits; but the fairy, who was keeping a benevolent eye upon him, thought that it would never do to let him be half-starved in that way, so she took to feeding him with all sorts of good things while he was asleep, and the prince wondered very much that when he was awake he never felt hungry! True to her plan, the fairy sent him various adventures to prove his courage, and he came successfully through them all, only in his last fight with a furious monster rather like a tiger he had the ill-luck to lose his horse.
Nothing daunted, he struggled on on foot and at last reached a seaport. Here he found a boat sailing for the coast which he desired to reach, and having just enough
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