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"Yes, indeed," answered the prince ruefully, "and I have nothing to give you, no sugar or biscuits, or anything that you like, my pretty one."
"Since you are so thoughtful for me and so patient about your own affairs," said the little monkey, "I will show you the way to the Golden Eock, only you must leave Mousta to wait for you here."
Prince Manikin agreed willingly, and then the little monkey sprang from his shoulder to the nearest tree, and began to run through the wood from branch to branch, crying: "Follow me."
This the prince did not find so easy, but the little monkey waited for him and showed him the easiest places, until presently the wood grew thinner and they came out into a little clear grassy space at the foot of a mountain, in the midst of which stood a single rock about ten feet high. When they were quite close to it the little monkey said:
"This stone looks pretty hard, but give it a blow with your spear and let us see what will happen."
So the prince took his spear and gave the rock a vigor­ous dig, which split off several pieces, and showed that though the surface was thinly coated with stone, inside it was one solid mass of pure gold.
Thereupon the little monkey said, laughing at his astonishment:
"I make you a present of what you have broken off. Take as much of it as you think proper."
The prince thanked her gratefully and picked up one of the smallest of the lumps of gold. As he did so the little monkey was suddenly transformed into a tall and gracious lady, who said to him:
"If you are always as kind and persevering and easily contented as you are now you may hope to accomplish the most difficult tasks. Go on your way and have no fear that you will be troubled any more for lack of gold, for that little piece which you* modestly chose shall never grow less, use it as much as you will. But that you may see the danger you have escaped by your moderation, come with me."
So saying, she led him back into the wood by a different path, and he saw that it was full of men and women. Their faces were pale and haggard, and they ran hither
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