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who weary me with their sentiment and their folly. I do very well as I am, and yet from one year's end to another they talk of nothing but delivering me from some imaginary affliction. Not a word do I understand of all their pratings about love, and who knows what dull things besides, which, I declare to you, I cannot even remem­ber."
Manikin was quick enough to gather from this speech that to amuse and interest the princess would be a far surer way of gaining her favor than to add himself to the list of those who continually teased her about that mysterious
thing called "love" which she was so incapable of compre­hending. So he began to talk of his rivals, and found in each of them something to make merry over, in which diversion the princess joined him heartily, and so well did he succeed in his attempt to amuse her that before very long she declared that of all the people at court he was the one to whom she preferred to talk.
The following day, at the time appointed for the com­bat, when the king, the queen, and the princess had taken their places and the whole court and the whole town were assembled to see the show, Prince Fadasse rode into the lists magnificently armed and accoutered, followed by
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