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Once upon a time there lived a young man named Rosimond, who was as good and handsome as his elder brother Bramintho was ugly and wicked. Their mother detested her eldest son and had only eyes for the youngest. This excited Bramintho's jealousy, and he invented a horrible story in order to ruin his brother. He told his father that Rosimond was in the habit of visiting a neigh­bor who was an enemy of the family and betraying to him all that went on in the house, and was plotting with him to poison their father.
The father flew into a rage and flogged his son till the blood came. Then he threw him into prison and kept him for three days without food, and after that he turned him out of the house and threatened to kill him if he ever came back. The mother was miserable and did nothing but weep, but she dared not say anything.
The youth left his home with tears in his eyes, not knowing where to go, and wandered about for many hours till he came to a thick wood. Night overtook him at the foot of a great rock, and he fell asleep on a bank of moss, lulled by the music of a little brook.
It was dawn when he woke, and he saw before him a beautiful woman seated on a gray horse, with trappings of gold, who looked as if she were preparing for the hunt.
"Have you seen a stag and some deerhounds go by?" she asked.
"No, madam," he replied.
Then she added: "You look unhappy. Is there any­thing the matter? Take this ring, which will make you the happiest and most powerful of men, provided you never make a bad use of it. If vou turn the diamond msidt ,ou will become invisible. If you turn it outside you will become visible again. If vou place t on your
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