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THE ENCHANTED RING.                      139
little finger yon will take the shape of the king's son, followed by a splendid court. If you put it on your fourth finger you will take your own shape."
Then the young man understood that it was a fairy who was speaking to him, and when she had finished she plunged into the wood. The youth was very impatient to try the ring and returned home immediately. He found that the fairy had spoken the truth, and that he could
see and hear everything while he himself was unseen. It lay with him to revenge himself, if he chose, on his brother, without the slightest danger to himself, and he told no one but his mother of all the strange things that had befallen him. He afterward put the enchanted ring on his little finger and appeared as the king's son, followed by a hundred fine horses and a guard of officers all richly dressed.
His father was much surprised to see the king's son j'k his quiet little house, and he felt rather embarrassed, not
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