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Rosimond. He is in hiding here, and I desire that you shall speak to him and listen to his reproaches."
Bramintho trembled at these words, and flinging himself at the prince's feet confessed his crime.
"That is not enough," said Rosimond. "It is to your brother that you must confess, and I desire that you shall ask his forgiveness. He will be very generous if he grants it, and it will be more than you deserve. He is in my anteroom, where yon shall see him at once. I myself will retire into another apartment, so as to leave you alone with him."
Bramintho entered, as he was told, into the anteroom. Then Rosimond changed the ring and passed into the room by another door. Bramintho was filled with shame as soon as he saw his brother's face. He implored his pardon and promised to atone for all his faults. Rosimond embraced him with tears and at once forgave him, adding:
"I am in great favor with the king. It rests with me to have your head cut off or to condemn you to pass the re­mainder of your life in prison; but I desire to be as good to you as you have been wicked to me."
Bramintho, confused and ashamed, listened to his words without daring to lift his eyes or to remind Rosimond that he was his brother. After this Rosimond gave out that he was going to make a secret voyage, to marry a princess who lived in a neighboring kingdom; but in reality he only went to see his mother, whom he told all that had happened at the court, giving her at the same time some money that she needed, for the king allowed him to take exactly what he liked, though he was always careful not to abuse this permission. Just then a furious war broke out between the king his master and the sovereign of the adjoining country, who was' a bad man and one that never kept his word. Rosimond went straight to the palace of the wicked king, and by means of his ring was able to be present at all the councils and learned all their schemes, so that he was able to forestall them and bring them to naught. He took the command of the army which was brought against the wicked king and defeated him in a glorious battle, so that peace was at once concluded on conditions that were just to every one.
Henceforth the king's one idea was to marry the young man to a princess who was the heiress to a neighboring
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