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and a purse containing 50 crowns. That is the maptle, covering my bed, and I have kept the money for my marriage-portion. But take it and go to the nearest sea­port, where you will find a ship sailing for the Low Countries, and when you become king you will bring me back my 50 crowns."
And the kinglet answered: "When lam King of the Low Countries I will make you lady-in-waiting to the queen, for you are as good as you are beautiful. So fare­well," said he, and as the Seagull went back to her fishing he rolled himself in the mantle and threw himself down
on a heap of dried grass, thinking of the strange things that had befallen him, till he suddenly exclaimed:
"Oh, how I wish I was in the capital of the Low Coun­tries!"
In one moment the little soldier found himself standing before a splendid palace. He rubbed his eyes and pinched himself, and when he was quite sure he was not dreaming he said to a man who was smoking his pipe before the door:
"Where am I?"
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