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_ 'I wish myself in the room of the Princess Ludovine," said he, and in a second he was there.
The king's daughter was sitting before a table counting the money that she emptied from the inexhaustible purse.
"Eight hundred and fifty, nine hundred, nine hundred and fifty-----"
"A thousand," finished John. "Good-evening, every­body!"
The princess jumped and gave a little cry.
"You here! What business have you to do it? Leave at once, or I shall call-----"
"I have come," said the kinglet, "to remind you of your promise. The day after to-morrow is Easter Day, and it is high time to think of our marriage."
Ludovine burst out into a fit of laughter.
"Our marriage! Have you really been foolish enough to believe that the daughter of the King of the Low Countries would ever marry the son of a boatman?"
"Thengive me back the purse," said John.
"Never," said the princess, and put it calmly in her pocket.
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