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Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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"Swan, hold fast," called out Peter, and the girl was caught also.
When Peter had gone on for a bit with his captives they met a chimney-sweep, who laughed loudly over the extraordinary troop and asked the girl what she was doing.
"Oh, dearest John," replied the girl, "give me your hand and set me free from this cursed young man."
"Most certainly I will, if that's all you want," replied the sweep, and gave the girl his hand. The bird screamed.
"Swan, hold fast," said Peter, and the black man was added to their number.
They soon came to a village where a fair was being held. A traveling circus was giving a performance, and the clown was just doing his tricks. He opened his eyes wide with amazement when he saw the remarkable trio fastened on to the swan's tail.
"Have you gone raving mad, blackie?" he asked as well as he could for laughing.
"It's no laughing matter," the sweep replied. "This wench has got so tight hold of me that I feel as if I were glued to her. Do set me free, like a good clown, and I'll do you a good turn some day."
Without a moment's hesitation the clown grasped the black outstretched hand. The bird screamed.
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