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THE MAGIC SWAN.                           181
the yonth, the girl, the sweep, the clown, the mayor, and the mayoress with his little stick, and they were all free again and ran away home as if a fire were burning behind them; and their flight, as you may imagine, gave rise to renewed merriment.
Then the princess felt moved to stroke the swan, at the same time admiring its plumage. The bird screamed.
"Swan, hold fast," called out Peter, and so he won the princess for his bride. But the swan flew up into the air and vanished in the blue horizon. Peter now received a duchy as a present and became a very great man indeed; but he did not forget the little old woman who had been the cause of all his good fortune, and appointed her as head housekeeper to him and his royal bride in their mag­nificent castle.*
* Kletke.
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