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Once upon a time there lived a man called Simon, who was very rich, but at the same time as stingy and miserly as he could be. He had a housekeeper called Nina, a clever, capable woman, and as she did her work carefully and conscientiously, her master had the greatest respect for her.
In his young days Simon had been one of the gayest and most active youths of the neighborhood, but as he grew old and stiff he found it very difficult to walk, and his faithful servant urged him to get a horse so as to save his poor old bones. At last Simon gave way to the request and persuasive eloquence of his housekeeper, and betook himself one day to the market where he had seen a mule, which he thought would just suit him, and which he bought for seven gold-pieces.
Now, it happened that there were three merry rascals hanging about the market-place who much preferred living on other people's goods to working for their own living. As soon as they saw that Simon had bought a mule, one of them said to his two boon companions: ")Iy friends, this mule must be ours before we are many hours older."
"But how shall we manage it?" asked one of them.
"We must all three station ourselves at different inter­vals along the old man's homeward way, and must each in his turn declare that the mule he has bought is a donkev. If we only stick to it you'll see the mule will soon be ours."
This proposal quite satisfied the others, and they all separated as they had agreed. Now, when Simon came by the first rogue said to him:
"God bless you, my fine gentleman." 'Thanks for your courtesy," replied Simon.
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