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Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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"Where have you been?" asked the thief. "To the market," was the reply. "And what did you buy there?" continued the rogue. "This mule."                                                              6
"Which mule?"
"The one I'm sitting upon, to be sure," replied Simon. "Are you in earnest or only joking?" "What do you mean?"
"Because it seems to me you've got hold of a donkey and not of a mule."
"A donkey? Eubbish!" screamed Simon, and without another word he rode on his way. After a few hundred yards he met the second confederate, who addressed him: "Good-day, dear sir. Where are you coming from?" "From the market," answered Simon." "Did things go pretty cheap?" asked the other. "I should just think so," said Simon. "And did you make any good bargain yourself?" "I bought this mule on which you see me." "Is it possible that you really bought that beast for a mule?"
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