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the three rogues might do him some harm, was on his guard and said to his housekeeper: "Nina, take this bladder, which is filled with blood,and hide it under your cloak; then when these thieves come I'll lay all the blame on you, and will pretend to be so angry with you that I will run at you with my knife and pierce the bladder with it; then you must fall on the ground as if you were dead, and leave the rest to me."
Hardly had Simon said these words when the three rogues appeared and fell on him to kill him.
My friends," called out Simon to them, "what do you accuse me of? I am in no way to blame. Perhaps my housekeeper has done you some injury of which I know nothing." And with these words he turned on Nina with his knife and stuck it right into her cloak, so that he pierced the bladder filled with blood. Instantly the housekeeper fell down as if she were dead and the blood streamed all over the ground.
Simon then pretended to be seized with remorse at the sight of this dreadful catastrophe and cried out in a loud voice: "Unhappy wretch that I am! What have I done? Like a madman I have killed the woman who is the prop and stay of my old age. How could I ever go on living without her?" Then he seized a pipe, and when he had blown into it for some time Nina sprang up alive and well.
The rogues werre more amazed than ever. They forgot their anger, and buying the pipe for two hundred gold-pieces, they went joyfully home.
Not long after this one of them quarreled with his wife, and in his rage he thrust his knife into her breast so that she fell dead on the ground. Then he took Simon's pipe and blew into it with all his might, in the hopes of calling his wife back to life. But he blew in vain, for the poor soul was as dead as a door-nail.
When one of his comrades heard what had happened he said: "You blockhead, you can't have done it properly. Just let me have a try." And with these words he seized his wife by the roots of her hair, cut her throat with a razor, and then took the pipe and blew into it with all his might, but he couldn't bring her back to life. The same thing happened to the third rogue, so that they were now all throe without wives.
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