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little blue field flower she said: "I will grow here on the wayside till some passer-by tramples me under foot." And one of her tears remained as a dew-drop and sparkled on the little blue flower.
Now, it happened shortly after this that an old man passed by, and seeing the flower he was delighted with its beauty. He pulled it up carefully by the roots and carried it home. Here he planted it in a pot and watered and tended it carefully. And now the most extraordinary thing happened, for from this moment everything in the old man's house was changed. When he awoke in the morning he always found his room tidied and put into such beautiful order that not a speck of dust was to be found anywhere. When he came home at midday he found a table laid out with the most dainty food, and he had only to sit down and enjoy himself to his heart's content. At first he was so surprised he didn't know what to think, but after a time he grew a little uncom­fortable and went to an old witch to ask for advice.
The witch said: "Get up before the cock crows and watch carefully till you see something move, and then throw this cloth quickly over it, and you'll see what will happen."
All night the old man never closed an eye. When the first ray of light entered the room he noticed that the little blue flower began to tremble, and at last it rose out of the pot and flew about the room, put everything in order, swept away the dust, and lit the fire. In great haste the old man sprang from his bed and covered the flower with the cloth the old witch had given him, and in a moment the beautiful Princess Hyacinthia stood before him.
"What have you done?" she cried. "Why have you called me back to life? For I have no desire to live since my bridegroom, the beautiful Prince Milan, has deserted me."
"Prince Milan is just going to be married," replied the old man. "Everything is being got ready for the feast, and all the invited guests are flocking to the palace from all sides."
The beautiful Hyacinthia cried bitterly when she heard this; then she dried her tears and went into the town dressed as a peasant-woman. She went straight to the
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