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it occurred to Helena to put his heart to the test and to see if it weren't possible to recall herself to him. So one day as Prince Fickle rode by she said to her little calf:
" Kneel, little calf, kneel; Be faithful and leal— Not like Prince Fickle, Who once on a time Left his poor Helena Under the lime."
When Prince Fickle heard her voice it seemed to him to remind him of something, but of what he couldn't remem­ber, for he hadn't heard the words distinctly, as Helena had only spoken them very low and with a shaky voice. Helena herself had been far too moved to let her see what impression her words had made on the prince, and when she looked round he was already far away. But she noticed how slowly he was riding and how deeply sunk he was in thought, so she didn't quite give herself up as lost.
In honor of the approaching wedding a feast lasting many nights was to be given in the capital. Helena placed all her hopes on this, and determined to go to the feast and there to seek out her bridegroom.
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