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There was once upon a time a poor woman who had one little daughter called Parsley. She was so called because she liked eating parsley better than any other food; in­deed, she would hardly eat anything else. Her poor mother hadn't enough money always to be buying parsley for her, but the child was so beautiful that she could refuse her nothing, and so she went every night to the garden of an old witch who lived near and stole great branches of the coveted vegetable, in order to satisfy her daughter.
This remarkable taste of the fair Parsley soon became known, and the theft was discovered. The witch called the girl's mother to her and proposed that she should let her daughter come and live with her, and then she could eat as much parsley as she liked. The mother was quite pleased with this suggestion, and so the beautiful Parsley took up her abode with the old witch.
One day three princes, whom their father had sent abroad to travel, came to the town where Parsley lived and perceived the beautiful girl combing and plaiting her long black hair at the window. In one moment they all fell hopelessly in lo"e with her and longed ardently to have the girl for their wife; but hardly had they with one breath expressed their desire than, mad with jealousy, they drew their swords and all three set upon each other. The struggle was so violent and the noise so loud that the old witch heard it and said at once: "Of course Parsley is at the bottom of all this."
And when she had convinced herself that this was so she stepped forward, and full of wrath over the quarrels and feuds Parsley's beauty gave rise to she cursed the girl and said: "I wish you we're an ugly toad sitting under a bridge at the other end gf the world."
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