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PUDDOCKY.                                  225
The prince had no wish to take such an insignificant bundle with him; but he didn't like to hurt Puddocky's feelings by refusing it, so he took up the little packet, put it in his pocket, and bade the little toad farewell. Puddocky watched the prince till he was out of sight and then crept back into the water.
The further the prince went the more he noticed that the pocket in which the little roll of linen lay became heavier, and in proportion his heart grew lighter. And
so, greatly comforted, he returned to the court of his father, and arrived home just at the same time as his brothers with their caravan's. The king was delighted to see them all again, and at once drew the ring from his finger and the trial began. In all the wagon-loads there was not one piece of linen the tenth part of which would go through the ring, and the two elder brothers, who had at first sneered at their youngest brother for returning with no baggage, began to feel rather small. But what
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