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HOK LEE AND THE DWARFS.                 231
the dwarfs stood still, and Hok Lee felt as if his heart stood still also.
Then one of the dwarfs called out: "Some one is up in that tree. Come down at once, whoever you are, or we must come and fetch you."                             \
In great terror Hok Lee proceeded to come down; hut he was so nervous that he tripped near the ground and came rolling down in the most absurd manner. When he had picked himself up he came forward with a low bow,
and the dwarf who had first spoken and who appeared to be the leader said: "Now, then, who art thou and what brings thee here?"
So Hok Lee told him the sad story of his swelled cheek, and how he had been advised to come to the forest and beg the dwarfs to cure him.
"It is well," replied the dwarf. "Wc will see about
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