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The story of the three bears            %% *
"Somebory Has Been Lying In My Bed!"
said the middle bear in his middle voice.
And when the little, small, wee bear came to look at his bed, there was the bolster in its place and the pillow in its place upon the bolster, and upon the pillow was the little old woman's ugly, dirty head—which was not in its place, for she had no business there.
"Somebody has been lying in mg bedand here she is!"
said the little, small, wee bear in his little, small, wee voice.
The little old woman had heard in her sleep the great, rough, gruff voice of the great, huge bear; but she was so fast asleep that it was no more to her than the roaring of wind or the rumbling of thunder. And she had heard the
middle voice of the middle bear, but it was only as if she had heard some one speaking in a dream. But when she heard the little, small, wee voice of the little, small, wee bear, it was so sharp and so shrill that it awakened her at once. Up she started, and when she saw the three bears on one side of the bed she tumbled herself out at the other and ran to the window. Now, the window was open, because the bears, like good, tidy bears as they were, always opened their bedchamber window when they got up in the morning. Out the little old woman jumped; and whether she broke her neck in the fall or ran into
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