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VIVIEN AND PLACIDA.                       255
princess for me and teach her to be useful, that when I come I may find her cured of her faults. If she is not-----'
"Here she broke off with a significant look, and mount­ing my enemy the unicorn speedily disappeared.
"Then the king and queen, turning to me, asked me what I could do.
" 'Nothing at all, I assure you,' I replied in a tone which really ought to have convinced them, but they went
on to describe various employments and tried to discover which of them would be most to my taste. At last I per­suaded them that to do nothing whatever would be the only thing that would suit me, and that if they really wanted to be kind to me they would let me go to bed and to sleep, and not tease me about doing anything. To my great joy they not only permitted this, but actually, when they had their own meals, the queen brought my portion up to me. But early the next morning she appeared at my bedside, saying, with an apologetic air;
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