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VIVIEN AND PLACIDA.                       2611
fairy shook her head and looked very grave. She quite agreed with him, the princess was in a bad way. "But," said she, "if you can find the rosy mole and give him to her she will recover." So now it was the prince's turn to set off in a vast hurry, only as soon as he left the castle he happened to go in exactly the opposite direction to the one Placida had taken.
Now you can imagine these two devoted lovers hunting
night and day. The princess in the woods, always run­ning, always listening, pursuing hotly after two creatures which seemed to her very hard to catch, which she yet never ceased from pursuing. The prince, on the other hand, wandering continually across the meadows, his eyes fixed upon the ground, attentive to every movement among the moles. He was forced to walk slowly—slowly upon tip-toe, hardly venturing to breathe. Often he stood for hours motionless as a statue, and if the desire to
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