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There was once a woman who had three daughters, of whom the eldest was called Little One-eye, because she had only one eye in the middle of her forehead; and the second Little Two-eyes, because she had two eyes like other people; and the youngest Little Three-eyes, because she had three eyes, and her third eye was also in the middle of her forehead. But because Little Two-eyes did not look any different from other children, her sisters and mother could not bear her. They would say to her: "You with your two eyes are no better than common folk. You don't belong to us." They pushed her here, and threw her wretched clothes there, and gave her to eat only what they left, and they were as unkind to her as ever they could be.
It happened one day that Little Two-eyes had to go out into the fields to take care of the goat, but she was still quite hungry because her sisters had given her so little to eat. So she sat down in the meadow and began to cry, and she cried so much that two little brooks ran out of her eyes. But when she looked up once in her grief there stood a woman beside her who asked: "Little Two-eyes, what are you crying for?"' Little Two-eyes answered: "Have I not reason to cry? Because I have two eyes like other people my sisters and my mother cannot bear me. They push me out of one corner into another and give me nothing to eat except what they leave. To-day they have given me so little that I am still quite hungry." Then the wise woman said: "Little Two-eyes, dry your eyes, and I will tell you something so that you need never be hungry again. Only say to your goat,
"Little goat, ble»at-Little table, appear
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